• Border Collie puppy being blow driedI groom all dog breeds
  • Jack Russell being bathedCall me to have your dog groomed
  • St Bernard being groomedI offer experience in grooming any size dog
  • Westie havin her ears trimmedI clip and trim all breed of dogs
  • Beagle being bathedI take the stress out of grooming your dog
  • Yorkshire Terrior being shavedCall me to clip your dog
  • Poodle and two Golden Retrievers playing in the riverCall me to have your dog groomed
  • Standard Poodle freshly groomed standing at the swimming poolI groom and clip all dog breeds
  • Groomer scissor trimming a Wesitie's feetI can trim your dog's feet, face and ears
  • Yorkie being shavedI shave or scissor-trim your dog as required
  • Border Collie puppy in the bathHave your dog groomed at your home
  • Toy Pom with bathed with handshowerI'm experienced in bathing all breeds
  • Old English Sheepdog being groomed by Alison Roets in ReadingCall a mobile dog
    groomer in the Reading area
  • Alison Roets dog groomer, shaving a dogCall me to groom your dog
  • Alison Roets the dog groomer scissor trimming a Westie's feetI'll tidy up dog's feet too
  • King Charles Spaniel being brushedWhatever breed you have, I will groom it
  • St Bernard being brushedCall me to wash and groom your dog
  • Alison Roets bathing a Border Collie puppyTo have your dog groomed at home, call me

Are you looking for an experienced mobile dog grooming service?

Friendly and reliable dog washing, dog cutting and dog grooming in the Reading and surrounding areas.

Wash and dry

Border Collie puppy being washed in the bath

I come to your home to wash your dog there.

Alison comes to your home and grooms your dog there. This is much less stressful for you and especially less stressful for your dog. Alison has an understanding of and is experienced in grooming all dog breeds.

Her knowledge helps make what is often a bad experience for some dogs, feel like a normal situation.

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Westie having her ears scissor trimmed

Why have Alison groom your dog?

  • You schedule an appointment for when it suits you
  • Experienced at grooming all types of dog breeds
  • Only uses natural bio dog-shampoo
  • Quality and friendly service
  • Convenient pet home grooming service
  • Very reasonable prices


Old English Sheep dog having his face brushed

Freyasway Mobile Dog Grooming services include:

  • Wash and dry
  • Clipping
  • Grooming
  • Breed specific cuts
  • Quality and friendly service
  • Nails cut

No-one likes a smelly dog around the house.
Does your dog need a one-off wash, clip and brush to bring the shine back to its coat?
Or perhaps a regular grooming appointment to keep matt-free?
To have your dog washed and clipped in the comfort of their own home call me now on:

07563 540 620