Pangbourne, West Berkshire, UK

Alison Roets – Intrinsic connection with dogs

“I have an intrinsic connection with animals, specifically dogs. I have spent most of my life working and achieving accolades with dogs. My skills, knowledge and experience are evident in the prolific success that I’ve achieved training dogs for the past 30 years.”

Therapy Work

“I have worked with the charity Paws For People.”

Using our especially-trained dogs we visit people who need help to deal with difficulties in their lives through that unbreakable dog-human bond.
A dog with a calm easy going temperament is perfect for this kind of activity. My dog Odin, seen here was such a placid, friendly dog who loved to be patted by the people he visited.

Dog Training

“I trained my Border Collie in obedience to C-test level.”

My mother has been running her own canine obedience school for more than 30 years so I grew up surrounded by dogs.
I started training dogs myself when I was eight years old and when I was 15 had my first champion: Hamish, my Border Collie, who became a five-times obedience C-test champion.

Dog Agility

“Agility is such fun, give me a ring if you’d like to try it.”

I have taken a number of top ranking dogs to numerous Agility World Championships. It takes two years or more to prepare a dog for top-level agility competitions and this relies on building an unshakeable trust between dog and handler.

Have your dog groomed in the comfort of their own home

Would like to do some agility or perhaps need help training a feisty new dog?

Give me a ring: 07563 540 620