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“The landscape of dog nutrition has changed considerably throughout my 30 year career with dogs. Talk to me, I can share my experience on dog nutrition with you, to help you ensure that your dog has a healthy diet.”

Which food is the best for my dog?

“My dogs haven’t always been on a raw diet. But they are now and are so much better-off for it”

Since I had my first working dog in 1987, I have always been invested in feeding the best food possible for the health of the dog. After all, we all want what is best for our dog, don’t we? Whether you have a family pet or a top performing working dog – diet is key to being healthy. All sorts of ailments in dogs stem from poor diet. The dog food you feed reflects in your dog’s wellbeing from weight, coat, skin, teeth, gums to energy levels.

After my many hours of extensive research on dog nutrition, one of the main things I established is that the canine’s digestive system and how it functions is the main motivation to what I feed my dogs. Although dogs have been domesticated for some alleged 10,000 years, their digestion has not changed. There are somethings that humans eat that dogs should just not eat – even in the wild – maize, corn and starch, to mention but a few. They simply cannot digest it. It goes in one end and out the other barely absorbed and can cause all sorts of irritations on the way. Dogs in the wild eat all sorts of raw meat, vegetables and fruit.

“In my experience, don’t be bamboozled by the vet-driven or supermarket-driven pitch about dry dog food – raw is best!”

Don’t take my word for it, do your own research. Or. simply read the content list of your dry kibble food packaging, the majority of the ingredients in dry food sold by vets and supermarkets should not even be eaten by dogs. Click here to compare the quality of dog food ranges for yourself.

“Which food is best for my dog then?”

Although there are some ‘OK-ish’ dry food ranges for dogs, like Orijen, my advice is avoid dry kibble dog food completely and feed raw. Today there are many well-packaged raw dog food manufacturers that feeding raw is very easily accessible. If you would like to know more about feeding raw, email me on:, I can help you transition your dog’s diet to a raw healthy one. I deliver across the UK and offer a free raw dog food delivery service in the Pangbourne, Reading area.

Which treats are best for my dog?

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